Dentist that accept CIGNA

Teeth and gums are the gateway for everyone’s smile. Cigna Insurance provides you with a wide variety of PPO dental Insurance coverages for you and your family.

At My Plano Dental, Dr.Shalini Thasma is a In-Network provider of Cigna. In-Network means, she has an agreement with the provider to provide services at a pre-agreed coverage rates.

So your out-of-the-pocket expenses are low as the provider’s fees is discounted by the Insurance. This does not in any way mean that the provider can write off the co-pay or the deductible portions of the coverage.

The provider needs at least 24-48 hours to verify your coverage with the Insurance company. Dentist in CIGNA Network may require your SSN in order to verify your insurance coverage.

Please check about your Insurance with our front office, when scheduling your next appointment.

If you are looking for a In Network Dentist for CIGNA, give us a call at 214-387-8400 to schedule your appointment.


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Dentist in CIGNA Network