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Illustration of the dental root canal process

Does Root canal really save the teeth?

The teeth is one of the most important parts of the digestive system. It makes digestion easier and food consumption more appealing and desirable. Nevertheless, there are times wherein plaque and tartar accumulation destroys some of its important structures thus the need for dental treatment like root canal. But before we understand the process of root canal treatment, it is best to understand a bit of our tooth’s anatomy.

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Healthy Teeth

Can I chew, smoke and keep my teeth still healthy?

Anyone who wish to take care of their teeth should never ever smoke or even chew cigarette for that matter. If he or she is already a smoker then he should try his best to eliminate this bad habit. Why? For the reason that cigarette contains a lot of harmful substances that are not only bad for the major parts of the body but also bad for your oral health as well.

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Tooth Decay Dental Disease

Stopping Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is experienced by everyone but there are many ways in which you can help prevent it from occurring.

Choice of Food

Tooth decay is prevalent in persons who enjoy eating carbohydrates like breads, cakes, candy, cereal, chocolate, milk, soda and fruits. Little do they know that sugar and starches are the favorite foods of plaque and tartar causing bacteria. Thus if you do not want these bacteria to enjoy the acidic environment of your mouth then you should limit your consumption of these food types.

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