Dentist Plano TX – Dr. Shalini Thasma

We offer the latest technology, when it comes to Dentistry. Our office is fully equipped with the latest Dental Equipment and Tools necessary to offer the utmost care to our patients. We are also committed to reduce the carbon footprint and so our office is 100% Digital. Everything is e-filed right from when you Check-In until you Check-Out. Our office also uses Compliance Software to be 100% HIPAA and OSHA Compliant. This also means that we record/log every sterilization cycle into a 3rd party system and document every safety procedure for both Staff and Patient Safety. Our office also does periodic Walk-thru’s and Disaster Recovery, Backup and Risk Analysis which are Mandates for HIPAA HITECH act. Every one of our Vendors who deal with your PHI (Patient Health Information) has to sign a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) and our office is on top of these compliances to ensure not only the Best Dental Services to our patients, but also to ensure that our office is 100% Compliant and Safe according to the latest regulations, safeguarding your records as well.

What Our Customers Say

I'm over 50 and have now had a lifetime of dentist offices and personnel to compare. Dr. Shalini corrected the major part of my over three years gum problems with the 1st cleaning. Most recently, before going to Dr. Shalini, I spent some years and large amounts of money at "Family-#st-care only-for-pay type chain dentist offices" ... and had sore gums due to poor cleaning techniques and looking "down-the-nose" attitude while delivering high-cost care that never solved all of my problems. People count ... and she is first-rate in my experience. --FRANKLINW – CUSTOMER SINCE 2011